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Von Washington, Jr.

Executive Director of Community Relations, Kalamazoo Promise

Von Washington, Jr. leans into his role as Executive Director of Community Relations to make the most of the unparalleled opportunity and power of The Kalamazoo Promise by engaging and energizing the Kalamazoo community and inspiring and supporting other Promise communities around the country and the world.  In 2006, he became the Kalamazoo Central High School principal where he led his students to win the “Race to the Top Commencement Competition” in 2010 where, then President Barack Obama, delivered

the first ever presidential commencement speech. Additionally, the school was also honored by being removed from the failing schools list based upon increased academic achievement. Recognized as a motivator and influencer from his experience as principal, he was recruited to be an Associate Vice President at Southwest Michigan First, Southwest Michigan region’s economic development organization, where he leveraged human and financial resources by working with local partners and businesses to strengthen the region.

Von currently serves in the capacity of Board Chair for the Kalamazoo Community Foundation whose mission is “to mobilize people, resources and expertise to advance racial, social and economic justice”.  Von holds a bachelor’s degree from Western State College of Colorado and earned a Master ofEducational Leadership degree from Western Michigan University.

Von Washington, Jr.
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