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Rev. John C. Jones

President & CEO, HOPE Toledo

John C. Jones is a proven leader with expertise in diversity, inclusion, board governance, strategic community building and leadership development. HOPE Toledo is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the premise that strengthening education will increase  

opportunity for all of Toledo’s children and youth, grow prosperity for its residents, and improve the future of our families and neighborhoods. John leads HOPE Toledo’s focus to advocate, support and ensure equitable access to high-quality education for  Toledo children and youth via two strategies. 1) Expand high quality early childhood  education (preschool) for Toledo four-year-olds. 2) Expand the opportunity for every  Toledo high school graduate to have a scholarship to a college, career-technical, or post secondary trade school.  

Prior to HOPE Toledo, John served in various roles for ProMedica over 16 years, with  the last assignment being with the social determinants of health team. John previously  served the community as the President and CEO of the Greater Toledo Urban League from 2008 – 2012. He is a certified diversity practitioner, which he received from  American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity. He has a  MBA from the University of Toledo (2013) and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and  Finance from Central State University (1996).  

John serves the community in various capacities through organizations, boards and other  volunteer opportunities. His greatest calling is being an ordained minister. He serves as  an Associate Minister at the Christian Temple Baptist Church under the leadership and  pastorate of his father, Rev. Charles E. Jones. Preaching and ministering for 20 years,  John clearly defines who he is through this service and it is the guiding principle for what  he does in his professional life. John resides in Toledo with his wife Charity. His most  significant blessings are his four beautiful children, Alexa Renee, Naomi Elise, Cathryn  Elisabeth and John Michael. 

Rev. John C. Jones
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